Day 9 Fatima – Santarem

I can’t dress today up no matter how I hard I try. The breakfast was good from the hotel in Fatima., I ate loads. Once the cycling started, it never got better. So boring, the scenery never changed.

When I arrived in Santarem the hostel lifted my mood. It was good, very good and great value. There was a hose to wash down the bike and a garage for safekeeping.

The interior had just finished a full refurbishment. It was made to look very industrial, with steel beams on show, unpainted newly plastered walls and work like tables and chairs in the communal areas.

Lounge area

Lounge area

imageDining area

I settled into my four bed dormitory room. There was only me occupying the room so that was great. Shortly afterwards I ventured out for a walk. Not far, I just needed something to eat for dinner. I got plenty of nuts and fruit, went back to my room and ate the lot. Now I was full. A couple of hours for relaxing and then I went to sleep.



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