Day 13 Gentle day In Lisbon

I am tired today. My first stop was Starbucks,I was in need of a morning coffee. Then I cycled the cities pedestrian ways, taking in the atmosphere and browsing the shops. Yesterday I asked a tramp if he would like a blow up mattress. Of course he did. I delivered it today as planned. This guy was thrilled, overjoyed.

Under arm mattress

Under arm mattress

His pal was also homeless, he drew every day to pass the time.

Decent clobber

Decent clobber

There were others who weren’t so fortunate. The pain in this guy’s face is incredible.

Reaching out

Reaching out

imageWhat had this guy been doing all night? It’s daytime and he’s sleeping.

I had to eat. I remembered a Pakistani place that I’d past a couple of days ago. The location was typical of the area and so was the food. It really was first class.


I locked up the bike before going inside. It was a must.


Going nowhere

Going nowhere

I went back to my room to rest on the afternoon. I didnt really get any. I am hoping to camp tomorrow night but I might be forced to look for another room or stay in this one, one more night. I am tired. I’ve got dinner sorted, just down the road from the digs, then it’s on to The Irish Bar, to watch live Premiership football.


One thought on “Day 13 Gentle day In Lisbon

  1. Loving the blog Baz, just finished Xmas decorations so had half hour and read through from start to current. Sounds like your digestive system is getting as bigger bashing ( no pun intended ) as your legs. Stay safe Baz, speak soon, Mart.


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