16 Dec. 2014 Grándola – Vila Nova de Montfores

I had a bit of a lie in this morning, there wasn’t any rush. I’d got forty miles ahead of me. I’d stop for a while after sixteen. The first sixteen, I wouldn’t call hard but I had to work. The terrain was on a smooth surface and very hilly cutting through the countryside.


The red graph above appears that after about seven miles the terrain is generally flat. Not so, all of the small peaks and troughs are hilly. Each ascent is short but steep. I find the best way to ride this type of terrain is to coast whenever I can. Usually I pedal hard towards the bottom of the descent, this carries me part way up the other side.

The overall ride, shown below, demonstrates that the last twenty four miles were going to be easy. I could cover this distance in under two hours comfortably. It meant that at my first pit stop at sixteen miles, I could chill out and take my time. I could have at least until 2.30pm. I could set off later but the temperature drops considerably towards the late afternoon. My pit stop lasted ninety minutes.


The last leg of today’s ride was as enjoyable as the rest of the day. I hadn’t seen the sea for quite a few days, so when it appeared again today, it was exciting once more. Still hilly but I was making good time. I’d get ten miles to go before the days cycle was over. One more drink, it was 4pm. I figured I could have half an hour at the cafe and make it to my hosts house before it got dark. I made it.


 My hosts house was cool, he was too, French as well. I liked him, I liked his cooking and his calmness. I felt very comfortable and at ease with me. I had stuff to do and so did he. We did our  own thing and made some time for conversation in between. I knew I was at ease, there was no uncomfortableness during our silent periods.


Earlier I made mention of his cooking. I was glad he had eaten a big lunch, it meant all the more for me. Aubergine, broccoli, seeds and onion, maybe carrot? His secret mix to spice up boring vegetables was a blend of garlic, soy sauce and ginger. It worked a treat, it fell under the umbrella of Thai food.

We were in bed for just after 10pm. Not together I may add. I know blogs need a bit of spice from time to time, but the only spice here was that in the food.





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