In Memory Of

This website / travel journal is dedicated and in loving memory of my best friend of twenty years, Roger Alfred Gordon, AKA ‘Dodge’.

He would have loved to follow my cycling journey, albeit remotely. I do think though, it would have been highly probable we’d have met up in one of the capital cities in Europe. We’d been to London together many times, often meeting up, with his now, grown up children, John and Sally. Both of which, I am too very fond of, and not forgetting his estranged wife, Sue.

Like us all, he had his everyday worries, but nothing phased him. He took everything in his stride. If anything didn’t work out for him, the way he had hoped, he would say to me, ‘it’s nothing more than an inconvenience Baz’.



On occasions he would call me ‘Son’. We were very close friends and I loved him. He’d always been there for me and had never let me down, when it mattered. His time keeping was horrendous, these were the only times he let me down. Always late, but always there.

He wasn’t without fault, none of us are. If I was to label him, it would say, ‘I’m one of the good guys’, simply, he was just that. Not complicated either, straightforward and direct.

I have twenty years of memories. We always laughed, we poked fun at each other, we complimented one another, we competed over general knowledge fondly, but most importantly, in the twenty years, NEVER, did we have an argument, not even a cross word.

See you soon ‘Dodge’.
Love Baz xxx
P.S Hopefully not too soon, it’s my turn to be late 🙂

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