Day 8 VieIra de Lieira to Fatima

I was up quite early. I didn’t bother with breakfast, just a coffee. Aurel and I went to his garage. His super tidy huge garage, with electric opening doors. I loaded my luggage, took a few photos with my new friend and made off down the cobbled street.

Ohhh it's heavy

Ohhh it’s heavy

I could feel myself welling up, they were a hard couple to say goodbye to.

Focused again I was on my way to Fatima, winding my way through the country lanes. Each plot of farmland was alight, from the distant colours of the farm workers clothes

back breaking

back breaking

. Getting to Lieira, which was two parts of the way there was easy. From then on, it was all the way up hill. Boy, it was tough. I was almost at the hotel when I thought it would make sense to get some provisions. I bought loads of fruits and nuts and a small chocolate milk.

The hotel was excellent value and the young girl on reception was even better. She gave me a free breakfast for in the morning. After I had settled in and showered and spent hours on the Internet, I thought it would be a good idea to stretch my legs before settling down for the night. I looked through the window into a rather nice coffee shop, that’ll do me is thought. I couldn’t help myself, real, melted strawberry flavoured chocolate, piping hot and in a glass. It was delicious, I was close to having another.

That was my day completed. It was back to the hotel for an early night. Tomorrow wasn’t going to be a tough ride, I just wanted an early night. No dramas, day over.



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